An Honest Yumble Review by Sophia Thomas

Yumble Review

Are you looking for nutritionally balanced and flavorful meals for your kids? Then, search no more. Today, I will share my experience with Yumble meal delivery especially designed for kids. In this blog, we will know is Yumble really good? Who is it for? I will also be discussing regarding Yumble meal options, prices to a lot more. Therefore, stick to the blog to know all about in detail. Afterwards, you can decide whether it works for you or not!

All You Need to Know About Yumble:

Yumble is one of the best heat-and-eat meal kit delivery service especially designed for young kids. They provide delicious flavors, nutritionally balanced, fully prepared meals that comes in a single serving. All you have to do is reheat and serve on spot in few minutes. It is perfect for parents with a hectic lifestyle but who wants to ensure quality, healthy and easy-to-prepare meals for kids.

Top Six Pros About Yumble Meal Delivery Service:

Overall, I am about to share why I order my meals for kids from Yumble. There are many perks of Yumble meal delivery service but these are my top six:

  1. Ingredients are from top sources.
  2. Shipping is free
  3. Quantity & quality: both are well-balanced
  4. Wonderful portion sizes
  5. Comes with an activity that is family-oriented in every box
  6. Wide-ranging options available in breakfast, lunch and dinner menu.

You cannot find these advantages in any other meal delivery service. Henceforth, place your order now at Yumble and be stress-free about your kids’ meals! All the ingredients are sourced and combined to meet the nutritive requirements of growing children.

Yumble delivers fresh meals weekly in sustainable packaging. You also get to do fun and playful activities with your kids, available in each box. It promotes healthy interaction with kids around mealtime. You can store Yumble meals up to a week in your fridge.

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Yumble Prices: Get More for Less

They have a variety of four different meal plans those changes by the number of plates carried in each box.

I used to order four meals weekly that is also smallest order. I have also tried their largest weekly order that has up to 16 meals weekly. The more you order, the better you save up!

The pricing varies but if you place order for more boxes then you get better pricing. I love how their menu rotates weekly so you can place order for your own meals. However, the main menu of Yumble stays exactly the same, but you can add-in up to 4 more items-if you like to!

  • Get 4 meals weekly for $9.99 per meal
  • Place an order for 6 meals weekly for $8.99 per meal
  • Buy 8 meals weekly for only $7.99 per meal
  • Get 16 meals at only $6.99 per meal
Yumble Review

My kids love their menu. When you are ordering from Yumble then do try out their Mac cheese & nuggets, Chicken marinara & alfredo, Pizza pocket & broccoli parm as well as vegetarian bean burrito as well. They have an extensive menu that rotates weekly. Therefore, you can choose alternatives options each time.

You have to try out Yumble! It is truly amazing for parents with busy lifestyle. If you want to spend less time cooking or preparing meals for your families and young children but cannot afford to compromise nutritious, home-cooked meals. Then, Yumble is the best way to move forward! Therefore, check out Yumble and you will definitely love it!


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