All You Need to Know About Little Spoon Baby Food

Little Spoon Baby Food

Do you want to know what makes Little Spoon Baby Food different than others? As inventors of natural, fresh, and convenient baby foods, Little Spoon made its mark in the industry-for all right reasons.

The company is a startup worth noting and has found success as it provides different notorious food blends for toddlers, babies and even older children but what makes Little Spoon better and different from other available commercial baby food products?

Little Spoon Baby Food

Little Spoon is a meal subscription service that provides a diversity of ready-to-heat meals explicitly planned for young kids, babies primarily up to age 8. It was invented by a single mom of three, Little Spoon motto was to eliminate the stress for parents out there to prepare healthy meals.

Top 7 reasons why Little Spoon Baby Food is better than store-bought baby foods:

  1. It provides the natural, organic meal delivery facility.
  2. All items are Non-GMO Project Verified.
  3. Little Spoon organic baby foods does not have any added preservatives or artificial flavors as well as fillers.
  4. You can not get their meals from any retail outlet or grocery store.
  5. Little Spoon menu changes weekly with each season.
  6. Little Spoon does not require any extreme heat processing.
  7. All food items or products go through high-pressure processing known also known as HPP. It is a cold-process method that kills any dangerous bacteria without extreme heat; hence, it maintains the vitamins, nutrients, color, texture and flavors whole and intact.

Little Spoon offers a variety of kids meals, baby food (baby blends), toddler and smoothie pouches along with vitamin boosters. Little Spoon baby blends have pureed blends of organic veggies and fruits often mixed with interesting ‘’superfood” as in queen of spice aka turmeric etc. The toddler & kid’s meals have small plates that comprises of finger foods for young eaters. Little Spoon is best known for its modern aesthetic, nutritive balanced meals that is specifically made for growing kids.

Meal Planning is Done with Pediatricians, dieticians and nutritionists:

At Little Spoon, the meal planning is done with dieticians, nutritionists as well as pediatricians. This way, your baby is always eating food that is age-appropriate. These foods help in the formative years and helps in physical, mental development effortlessly.

Little Spoon Baby Food Reviews:

If you are looking for balanced meals for children then Little Spoon is the right fit for you!

Little Spoon Baby Food Pros:

Let’s discuss regarding why you should buy Little Spoon Baby Food?

Little Spoon is a perfect option for parents with busy schedule or limited time for planning mealtime to cooking. However, if you prioritize your children health and want to ensure balanced meals in their diet that are nutrient-dense and made with premium-quality ingredients-look no further!


  • Reusable packaging.
  • Impeccable flavors.
  • Various dietary choice and preferences.
  • Clear about ingredient sourcing standards.
  • Little Spoon utilize a vacuum seal to increase the shelf life.
  • The shelf life in the refrigerator is of 14 days and food can last up to 2 months in the freezer.

However, they do not customize the food and hence you have to work with their sent products. But you can always count on the premium quality of food that can be prepared without spending hours on meal preparation.

Where can I Buy Little Spoon Baby Food?

It is easier to subscribe and process your order through Little Spoon. Read the simple order process below:

The Order Process:

To start, you will insert your email address and zip code then offer some detail regarding your child comprising of your name, pronouns, and birthday. After that you will choose your delivery volume. Little Spoon delivers twice a week and you can select from four, six, nine, or twelve meals per week (which adds up to 8, 12, 18, or 24 meals per delivery).

Little Spoon gives you the option to look into their menu before promising to a meal volume. Next, you will insert your payment details and check out, and you will choose the meals from the menu you will like to receive.

little spoon baby food reviews

How Much Little Spoon Baby Food Cost:

You have to reach out to customer service and coordinate with them in order to sign up. Keep in mind, that you can not customize any meal plans as you have to choose from one meal plan. The rates for Babyblends are different and plan ranges from one to three blends per day.

If you want to get the plates plan then the prices vary accordingly the number of plates such as four, six, nine, or 12 meals weekly. The smoothies plan comprises options for five, nine, 12 or 18 smoothies weekly. The pricing plans are based on 2 week delivery of products.

·         Babyblends Plan:

It costs around $3.99 per blend. The prices decreases up to $2.99 per blend for the biggest plan. It is 42 blends per delivery.

·         Plates Plans:

It costs around $7.49 per plate. The prices are reduced up to $5.99 only if you order the largest plan which has 24 meals per delivery.

·         Smoothies Plans:

The prices for per smoothie are of $3.99. It can decrease to $2.79 per smoothie for the biggest plan that will get you 39 smoothies per delivery.

Do not forget about the shipping charges as they differs accordingly your zip code and transit method. The shipping charges for the East Coast are up to $6 Shipping fee.

Little Spoon Baby Food Flavors:

They have an amazing variety of food in the Little Spoon meals. Even in the baby blends, they have an amazing variety of flavors. You little munchkin can have guava and parsnips as your baby’s first food. They have unique Baby blends combos that you can not find anywhere else.

The smoothies has nutritive ingredients that has a great taste. They used cinnamon in their smoothies to enhance the flavors by not adding much sweetness.

The Plates meals provide well-rounded toddler meal options as well. You will get the perfect balance of hidden veggies. You can always count on the good old steamed broccoli or peas as a side dish. Make sure you keep on introducing your kids to eating veggies so Little Spoon is in support of that effort.

Our favorite Baby blends:

how much does little spoon baby food cost

Eggnog and Peach are one of the favorites Babyblends. You baby will definitely like the single-ingredient Babyblends. The Eggnog flavor comprises of the following:

  • Cloves
  • Vanilla
  • Cinnamon
  • Parsnip
  • Nutmeg
  • Date
  • Coconut cream
  • Banana.

It has a taste of a healthy smoothie with a dessert-y spin.

Our Favorite Smoothies:

You should definitely check out their Strawberry Banana Sake and Tahini Banana Bread.  Typically, toddlers do love the taste of bananas in their homemade smoothies as well as pouches. The Acai is also one of the best flavors out there as it contains the right quantity of tartness to ensure the flavor remains as interesting as ever. The top-quality of Little Spoon is apparent not only in the food preparation but in the sourcing as well.

Do you know Little Spoon only uses meat and eggs that are hormone-free, antibiotic and humanely raised?

The products are non-GMO and mostly contains organic vegetables and fruits. The food is verified by USDA certified organic. Therefore, you can be assured of the quality. Besides, you can place your order with Little Spoon Promo Code to decrease the rates.

Frequently Asked Questions About Little Spoon:

Can you freeze Little Spoon Baby food?

You can store baby food and all other foods by Little Spoon- easily.

  • You can store plate for up to 2 months in the freezer.
  • Smoothies can be stored for two weeks in the freezer and up to three months in the freezer.
  • You can store your baby blends as soon as they arrive.

Can Little Spoon Baby Food leak?

Your delivery box will come with a layer of insulation and also with Little Spoon ice packs. It keeps your meal fresh and cool. Your meals can stay cold for a couple of days. In addition to that, packaging is recyclable. There are less to no chances of baby food leaking so you can stay stress-free.

How long does Little Spoon Baby Food last?

This allows our Smoothies and Babyblends remains fresh in the freezer for up to 14 days. It can stay fresh for up to three months in the freezer.

Can you take Little Spoon Baby Food on a plane?

It totally depends on the region and airports rules and regulations. Typically, Baby food is allowed in sensible amounts in carry-on bags. Eliminate these products from your carry-on bag to be screened separately from the rest of your belongings.


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