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Little Spoon Menu

Do you want to know about Little Spoon organic meals from Little Spoon? You are at the right place at the right time. In this blog, we will discuss regarding Little Spoon menu to help you make your mind.

Little Spoon Menu:

Little Spoon menu is divided into three main sections which are stated below:

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Organic Baby Food Made Fresh:

The menu has an amazing variety for the infants. Your toddler can consume healthy, nutritive baby blends that are available at incomparable rates. The starting solids made easy. They are available at six stages of organic, non-GMO baby food delivered to your door.

The USDA-certified organic blends are available from single ingredient. The smooth purees to textured, multi-ingredients recipes are available for transition-to-table food meals. It is also verified by clean label project. Besides, they do not use any artificial ingredient ever.

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Toddler + Kids Meals:

They also have lovely range of food products available in the toddler + kid’s meals category.  Now, grab finger foods within pocket-friendly prices. It is high time for you to skip the grocery errands and get ready-to-eat, healthy and clean meals for toddlers & big meals. If you have a picky eater in the house then don’t dwell on as he is more likely to approve the meals.

Besides, your kids will be eating much healthy meals as they sneak in hidden veggies and superfoods in every bite. Don’t worry about anything else as they add in no preservatives, low sodium, nothing artificial ever.

·         The Price Per Plate: $5.99

The prices per plate begins at only $5.99 for the toddler meals. The Little Spoon prices are harder to beat as they provide quality meals within pocket-friendly prices. You can also get Little Spoon Promo Code that will help you further get amazing discount on your online order.

The Organic Smoothies:

If you want your children to be all healthy then you should definitely order cold-pressed organic smoothies from Little Spoon. It is one of the nutritive and healthy snacks that is filled with hidden vegetables. It also contains superfoods thus it is a win-win scenario.

Moreover, Smoothies are a  power-pack that has a lot of fruit and veggie blends. They also have amazing range of yogurt recipes. It also adds as a perfect snack time for your kids. Now, say goodbye to unhealthy snacks! They do not add in any artificial sweetener or any other preservatives in their smoothies. Thus, you get no added sugar!

A perfectly healthy blend of organic fruits and vegetables! What else would you like your kid to have as a snack? In addition to that, the rates of the smoothies are incomparable as you can avail the smoothies at $2.799 per smoothie. You can add-in the smoothie with $2.79 per smoothie. These prices can be decreased with the Little Spoon Promo Code.


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