A Must-Read Review for Little Spoon Plates

Little Spoon Plates

I have been availing the service of Little Spoon for a long time. I swear by their babyblends as well as smoothie ingredients too. Besides, they offer a vast range of recipes in all their categories. From Babyblends for infants to Plates for toddlers to meals for kids. All recipes are made with 100% naturally sourced ingredients.

But today, I will share my honest Little Spoon Plates review:

Little Spoon Plates

Selecting Meals: Plates for Different Age-Groups

If you have an infant, then Babyblends by Little Spoon is your go-to-option. My little baby used to love their healthy and delicious babyblends. As she grew, I had to switch to more solid foods. That’s when I ordered Little Spoon Plates for my baby boy.

The Plates are a sweet spot for all kids out there if only you order from Little Spoon. The plates are known as perfectly balanced meals and has different compartments that serves proper portion of fresh veggie, protein that comes as a popper, puff or pasta.

They also create fusion recipes and serves mix and match ingredients on various plates. However, Little Spoon does not give you the option to customize your plate. The menu for plates also varies from week to week as they introduce more seasonal recipes.

Typically, the menu remains same as well. You should definitely check out the following options of Little Spoon Plates as my toddler loved it. Their BBQ chicken plate comes with mac and three cheese, cheesy grits, butternut squash, sir fry quinoa and chicken teriyaki.

It is perfectly balanced and has a lot of flavors. Therefore, your toddler would definitely enjoy it. However, there are many other plates options available at Little Spoon. Do not forget to use Little Spoon promo code to lower the rates on your online order.

Little Spoon Plates VS Yumble:

I have taste-tested both meal-delivery services. Here are my thoughts about it:

Plates Little Spoon

If you talk bout convenience then it is hard to beat Little Spoon. I would order any of these meals for myself as they taste amazing! The best part is they are cooked in microwave in just one minute. Therefore, you can simply order your meal from Little Spoon and cook in no-time flat.

This convenient option is not available at Yumble. Therefore, if you are always on the go and do not want to compromise on your kid’s meal then Little Spoon is your best shot. Little Spoon plate can be eaten by any age group (toddlers & kids). As they serve just perfect quantity of meals as well as Little Spoon meals tend to add in a prepared vegetable. They also include hidden veggies in perks of both subscriptions. This way, your kids simply eat what they need to eat without making it a big hassle or creating any trouble.

This facility of including super foods and making their recipes power-packed with veggies makes them one of the best meals. For instance, the classic broccoli is a side dish that is served with many other plates. This type of facility in terms of meals are not available at Yumble.

That’s why I always prefer Little Spoon to Yumble. The only basic difference between both meal delivery service is of servings as well as meal options. However, Little Spoon organic-focused with no additional sugar and additives as well.

But Yumble focal-point is also to serve clean and organic meals. Little Spoon and Yumble are both life-savers. If you want to catch a break from all the meal prep or want to relish some me time. Then, simply place your order with Little Spoon as you can have multiple healthy food options in all categories in reasonable prices.

If you want a good value for money then Little Spoon is you go-to-meal service for your children. The meals are well-balanced and perfectly portioned thus you can be stress-free about it!

Frequently Asked Questions:

Little Spoon Baby Plates

How much does Little Spoon Plates cost?

The prices of your Little Spoon subscription can be different. It depends on which plan you want to subscribe. It also depends on the servings size and as well as the quantity of meals weekly. Besides, Little Spoon costs varies with the plans and kinds of recipes you subscribe for.

The Little Spoon Plates cost up to $5 per meal.

How do you heat Little Spoon Plates?

It is simple. All you have to do is put the bowl or container in a microwaveable safe. A shallow bowl would be perfect, add-in warm water and stir until properly heated.

If you want to microwave, then fill or pour the meal into a microwave safe dish.

Do not heat up smoothies as Little Spoon Smoothies are better served cold.

Can Little Spoon Plates last in the fridge?

Yes, all meals by Little Spoon can lasts easily in the fridge. However, if you are freezing any meals by Little Spoon then they lasts good for up to 3 months. But if you are keeping into fridge then make sure to utilize the Little Spoon Plates within 14 days.

Can Little Spoon Plates upset your stomach?

No, if you properly store them and follow complete guidelines then your stomach won’t get upset. Little Spoon meals are sourced with completely natural ingredients of premium quality. Thus, do not dwell about the quality of ingredients.


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