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Following are some reviews from one of the most frequent customers, take a look:

Little Spoon has been making rounds for being an incredible baby food service. The company is loved by many moms and dads. Here are a few testimonials from them:

“I always made baby food at home to avoid the unnecessary preservatives added, but then I came across Little Spoon via moms support group. I saw several mothers mentioning how easy it was to feed their children the baby blends. I tried to give it a go and have not looked back since then”

Rebecca Thompson

“My main concern as a single father was that I won’t be able to get all the nutrients with the standard baby food. I wasn’t wrong! I couldn’t cook to save my life and my little one was growing fast. I turned to Little Spoon for help. Now all I have to do is to order tons of baby blends, smoothies and boosters for the week.”

Noah Mills

“My baby wasn’t doing too well with weaning off breast milk but I knew that my child needed more than milk to provide all the nutrients. So I went on a wild goose hunt to find easy to swallow and yummy alternatives of sweet breast milk. I found organic smoothies that were delicious and nutrition packet for my toddler. Let me tell you, weaning off breastfeeding got a lot easier”

Olivia Brown

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