Make Snack Time Healthy with Little Spoon Smoothies

As parents, we always want to ensure healthy eating for our kids. We want nothing but the best in terms of lifestyle. In the formative years of children, it is significant to feed them healthy foods to nourish them and promote healthy physical and mental growth.

Therefore, I did not want to add-in any unhealthy snacks in my toddler’s diet. That’s how I started to look out for healthy options for snack-time at grocery stores. But I wasn’t able to find any suitable options. That’s when I decided to look up healthy options online.

Little Spoon is one of the best meal-service brands that provide healthy, nutritive meals for infants, toddlers as well as kids. They have a vast range of meal options in all categories. From meal-time, snacks to boosters. They have it all!

Little Spoon is a one-stop-shop for all parents who leads a busy lifestyle but want to ensure healthy eating for their kids.

Let me tell you all about Little Spoon smoothies:

Little Spoon Smoothies Variety:

They serve premium-quality, fresh and organic smoothies. It is a perfect on-the-go healthy snack time filled with hidden vegetables and super foods. They have a huge range of smoothies. From fruits to veggie blends to yogurt recipes. All tastes amazing and yum. Your little munchkin will surely love it. Don’t dwell on the quality as they pare certified and pure. They do not add-in any artificial flavors or extra sugar.

Let me tell you about my favorite Little Spoon Smoothies easy recipe that can be made in no-time flat.

Little Spoon Smoothies Easy Recipe:

Purple Carrot Acai Bowl:

It is inspired by to your local smoothie spot to relish this Brazilian superfood. It is enriched with antioxidants. Your child will love this natural acai that also has blueberries blended with fiber-packed chia. That’s why it is known as powerhouse of nutrients.

Little Spoon Smoothie Ingredients:

The key ingredients to make this smoothie are as follows:

  • Oats
  • Acai
  • Purple Carrots

All kids can have this. As it does not have any key allergens and dietary restrictions. Therefore, be stress-free when it comes to feeding your kid the nutritive blend of chia seeds, acai, purple carrots and oats.

Little Spoon Serving Size:

The serving size totally depends on the age-group of your children. You serve your kids accordingly their age as well as appetite. You should check out the age-by-age guide on Little Spoon platform to understand better. However, if you are starting out at 4-6 months then you begin with solids. It should not be any complex meal. You should serve a small amount of a single-ingredient puree, with 2 teaspoons.

If your mini doesn’t approve the flavor for the first time then don’t dwell about it. You can try again in a few days. Babies take their sweet time to adjust or adapt to new flavors.

Your baby will develop a routine around 6-8 months. Therefore, the serving size should be of two meals a day. You can explore from a wide variety of foods available in the Little Spoon menu. This is perfect time to add textured foods to your menu.

Your baby would be properly trained by the age of 8-12 months. This age-group is known as experienced eaters. By this time, you have a well-established mealtime routine. You can opt for 3 meals per day and add-in snacks too.

Therefore, you should try out various foods and search for the best options that suits your baby appetite and taste.

Little Spoon Smoothies VS Whole Foods:

Yes, it is true that whole foods are significant to ensure healthy growth. However, the Little Spoon Smoothies are organic, cold-pressed, and made with 100% naturally sourced ingredients. Besides, they sneak-in superfoods and hidden veggies into their smoothies that marks them as one of the best snacks ever!

So, if you want to feed smoothie by little Spoon as a whole food that brings no harm. However, you should keep it as a healthy snack and opt for better, healthier, yummier whole food options provided at Little Spoon.

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