Little Spoon Toddler Meals Review

Little Spoon Toddler Meals Review

During quarantine, I was always tired with various tasks. From homeschooling to working full day to parenting and a lot more. The last thing I wanted to do was to cook a meal for my toddlers especially when I know they are not going to like it that much or end up complaining.

Therefore, I was tired and intrigued to give a try once I got to know about Little Spoon Plates. It is a line of fully prepared kids’ meals that get delivered right to your front door. I also used Little Spoon Promo code whilst placing my order to lower the rates. Let’s discuss about Little Spoon below:

Little Spoon Toddler Meals Review

What is Little Spoon?

Little Spoon began as a direct-to-consumer baby food company. It delivers Little Blends natural froze purees to customers household weekly. You get a diverse variety of all foods. From basic first foods choices such as butternut squash, to more yummy blends as in blueberry-chickpea-spinach-pear-rosemary.

With time, Little Spoon started to vary as the founder kids grew old. Therefore, they had to introduce more food options other than babyblends. That’s how they started Little Spoon Plates & made their mark in the baby food industry.

Little Spoon Toddler Meals Reviews:

The Plates are already pre-made and fully cooked so the parents with busy routines have to only reheat and serve the food. Little Spoon Plates are not natural but they do have no artificial flavors such as sugar or junk; 100% clean ingredients; and antibiotic & hormone free protein.

Little Spoon Baby Food

What are Little Spoon Plates like-for real?

When I placed the order for Little Spoon plates for the first time, I wasn’t expecting as much. However, our Little Spoon Plates arrives neatly in premium packaging. It was recyclable cardboard box with an ice pack to keep everything cold.

However, I did not like the portion of meals as much but nevertheless you can always order accordingly the appetite of your kid. The Plates are small- about the size of a salad plate. The packaging comes with delightful illustrations to appeal the kids.

Super-Easy to Prepare:

Little Spoon Kids Meals Review

Little Plates for toddlers are super easy to prepare. You can heat and eat them right away. You can freeze the Little Spoon Plates in freezer for up to two months. The plates are recyclable, BPS-free, BPA and top-rack dishwasher-safe too.

They have smaller portions so you might add in extra plates to ensure proper growth. Accordingly, to the website, the meals are created for toddler (age-10) to kids. Therefore, you should always serve an extra side dish or a dessert for a healthy full meal.

They have incomparable prices so you can place your order with Discount Code to decrease the prices. Moreover, the rates are budget-friendly so you can always work on prices.


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